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Will power

22 июня 2016, в 03:59
[Will power]

How to develop self-discipline and will power from scratch? Read:

It is necessary just to take and do, without giving itself time for reflections, inventings of excuses and all other. Our brain perfectly is able to think out justifications to anything, and the more at it time for it, the justifications will be better.

If you understand that it is necessary to make something, then as soon as possible begin to do it. It is much simpler not to manage to think up an excuse, than to overcome itself when the excuse already is.

That is begin to think literally less and to do more in those areas where you lack will power (then, of course, it is necessary after all to begin to think, but you need to receive dispersal). You can't come in the morning for jog when have looked out for a window? Get up and at once put on, without looking for a window.

It is clear, that you shouldn't break in thoughtless actions, and the head needs to be worked. But often you enter a weak will phase when it is already clear to you, and to do that needs to be done it there is no wish.

It is very important not to confuse motivation and discipline. The discipline is not when you want to do what doesn't want to be done. When you just take it and you do what you should do.

You can't long decide to call someone because you think over possible answers and what will be? Just you dial number, and you won't get out further any more.

More general approach - any sport. He develops self-discipline and will power not at once, but it is more reliable.

If you want to understand deep mechanisms - what is will power and why someone it less, at someone has more as her to develop and what leads her shortcoming to - very much I advise Kelly Makgonigal's book "Will power. How to develop and strengthen". This really very careful research to which concrete councils are applied that needs to be done is read hard, but.
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