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What is most important when working with people?

9 января 2017, в 07:50

This is a very important issue for representatives of many professions: teachers, coaches, trainers, managers, etc.


Someone thinks that the most important thing when working with people is competence, quality of information or services. Of course, it is very important to be a master in their field, professional and competent specialist, it is important to have in your heart a relentless thirst for self-development. Should always have a healthy desire to be the best in the business!


But it is not important, important is internal friendly attitude to people.


People need knowledge and information, although, of course, they are very useful. People need energy!! It is the ability to generously share the energy and features of a true master! Many are afraid to give a lot of their energy, they are afraid of "devastation", they "save" energy. Instead of saving, it is better to learn how to get more, but for that you have to seriously tidy up your life.


Hence the conclusion - the only one who constantly works on himself, only one who has built a harmonious life, but he can be really useful to people about their business. After all, he had a lot of energy and it can transmit through their business and knowledge, "charging" the most people. He shares part of himself, his world, his life..


By the way, the same is true in relationships. The biggest benefit to their partner we bring, generously sharing with him their energy. But you can share only "abundance", that is only what you have a lot.


Therefore, in order to be helpful to your partner, first and foremost, it is important not to forget myself to live a full and fulfilled life, constantly engage them, to develop, to have Hobbies and things that bring joy and "charge" the energy of life!


And this is not selfishness, but a healthy understanding of the situation.


Each partner in the relationship must accept and respect the joys and passions of another, knowing that their presence is a necessary step for love and prosperity in the family!

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