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The production of antifreeze and antifreeze

11 января 2017, в 21:40

Profit: 600 Tr.

Initial investment: 700 Tr

Payback: 2 months.


Vehicle purchase is a serious investment of funds, it is not surprising that most car owners dream to the maximum extend the life of your purchase.


A critical component of the vehicle is the engine. Engine repair is a very substantial sum of money, so you need to protect the system in their personal vehicle. One way of protection is the use of coolants that prevent engine overheating.


Many people, some of which are not even car owners have heard such names as antifreeze and antifreeze. Some people believe that these names belong to one and the same fluid, but it is not so.


What is the difference between Tosol and antifreeze?


Antifreeze called all coolants and is designed to operate in a car engine. Antifreeze is produced worldwide by different manufacturers.


The name "Antifreeze" appeared in the Soviet Union as analogous not available in the country antifreeze. Antifreeze – a fully domestic development.


We can say that antifreeze is one of the options of antifreeze, as it performs a similar function in the car engine. However, there are differences between traditional domestic and foreign antifreeze antifreeze options.


So, what is the difference and what is better antifreeze or antifreeze?


To answer this question, you should understand the composition of coolants:


- Antifreeze – connection of water, glycol and various additives.


- Antifreeze compound is water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, alcohol, glycerol, and various additives.


The main difference between these fluids improved anti-corrosion properties of antifreeze compared to the same characteristics of antifreeze.


The advantage of antifreeze is only one – the price. All other features are better in antifreeze. But the cost of antifreeze leveled another caveat – features of operation of these fluids lead to the fact that traditional domestic product should be replaced every 30-40 thousand miles, while the coolant can easily go to 250,000 miles!


The production of antifreeze and antifreeze


Before starting the business of producing antifreeze or antifreeze, you should learn the consumer market. If you plan to work in the same city or region, it is necessary to realistically assess the solvency of the population. The preliminary findings make it fairly simple:


- If the city/region most people own a domestic, low-cost vehicles, there was a higher probability of demand for inexpensive coolants.


- If the majority of the population moves on the cars of the middle and elite class, these people would clearly prefer not to risk his own vehicle, flooding the cheap liquid.


Of course, that such extremes in our country find very difficult today enough owners of those and other vehicle options. Therefore, you should take into account the original place of sale.


If the place of sale is located on the outskirts of town or in low-cost residential areas, it is better to sell antifreeze, in the Central part and in places where elite buildings demand to use quality antifreeze.


In production planning, one should consider the fact that the cost of manufacture of antifreeze is higher than similar indicators for antifreeze.


Experienced professionals suggest at the same time to open the production of two variants of coolants. After the release of products should be monitored to determine the level of demand of a product, to be able to respond to changing consumer preferences.


If motorists prefer to take the antifreeze to increase the production of this fluid, reducing the production of antifreeze. In the reverse situation, respectively, act on the contrary.


Why is the production of coolant


According to official statistics, the number of cars manufactured worldwide has exceeded 10 billion units. Features the automotive industry is not allowed to stop the production of vehicles, so every year is a tendency to reduce the cost of many car brands.


This factor contributes to the further popularization of vehicles, which will soon be available to almost every inhabitant of our planet. Naturally, the car cannot function without a variety of lubricants, fuels, coolants.


The peculiarity of these substances is their need to periodically replace or replenish the number of vehicle systems. Therefore, the demand for coolants of any type in the near future will remain at least stable, and may increase several times.


Success factors of business ideas are: good, the difference between production cost and market price, demand.


The production of antifreeze or antifreeze in our country responds to these nuances:


- Consumers are willing to pay money as a cheap antifreeze, and better quality antifreeze.


- The difference in price of production and the finished product is quite significant.


Naturally, we should not forget about several success factors:


- Producing a truly quality product.


- Satisfaction of demand is a good product.


The latter may be unnecessary, if the value produced by the coolant will be significantly lower than the quality – the owners themselves will spread the glory about a new product around town, and region.


Who doesn't have a personal vehicle that needs constant maintenance? Among other things people buy for their machines chemicals. To replace the usual water in the radiator, antifreeze came, now enjoying stable demand. So why not consider the production of chemicals as a business?


In the framework of this project are encouraged to organize small enterprises producing chemicals, in particular, antifreeze and antifreeze.


The main profit should come from wholesale sales, that can be made with different parts stores, service stations, car washes and other outlets.


Equipment for the production of antifreeze and antifreeze


The production of chemicals does not require many components. For antifreeze you will need all 3:


- ethylene glycol

- distilled water

- additives against corrosion


For the business organization for the production of chemicals will need technological equipment worth 800 thousand rubles. (including installation and training):


- reactor

- pumps,

- pipelines

- measuring device,pressure capacity,

- fittings


The optimal area under production – 100 sq. m.


In this area it is installed, which should be allocated 50 sq. m., a place for cans and production of raw materials. Also need to separate storage room. Empty cans and other products can be stored in an open area, the important thing is not in a heated room.


The premise, of course, must meet certain requirements. Because the chemicals are flammable, the room must meet the requirements of the third grade fire safety is obligatory box of sand, a fire extinguisher, and fire shield. For fire safety is responsible designated person.


The required number of workers – 4-5 person. Among workers have to be skilled technologist and a chemist, able to calculate the correct proportions of all components.


The cost of production chemicals


The initial investment in "current assets" - about 700 thousand rubles (construction and rent of premises, purchase of raw materials for the production of the first batches of product, technology development, promotion).


The estimated capacity of the equipment – 0.7 t/h (123 tons per month if you work 1 shift, 8 hours working day).


The production cost of antipirina is 30-35 rubles./liter, antifreeze 23-25. a/L. Margin is 50 to 100%. At an average wholesale price of 40 rubles./liter, the monthly revenue of the company ranges from 5 000 RUB., net profit – from 600 thousand.


Key performance indicators:

Initial investment 1500000 rubles

Required area, m2 100

Number of employees 5

Net profit per month, RUR 600000

The payback period of 3 months

The revenue per month at the end of the 1st year, rubles 5000000

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