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The opening of the diner

11 января 2017, в 21:43

Initial investment: 400 Tr

Monthly income: 70 Tr

Payback period: 7 months.


Sometimes busy people do not have time to eat and forced to stay hungry or to settle for semi-finished products. Help these people to enjoy a homemade meal and get your profit. Find out how to access the diner. Find out the important points.


Draw up a business plan diner


Business plan for opening zakusochnaya business plan need in order to understand how successful the business is and how the enterprise will work. And yet, this document will help to attract funds from lenders or investors for seed capital. The business plan includes several sections:


The first section is an overview. Provide here a brief characterization of your business. But it should be clear that the case will be successful, and the services or goods claimed. Write the name of the diner, describe the room in which it will be.


- The second section is a detailed description of the business. Tell us all about the diner. Specify what goals you want to achieve, is to write that plan to provide customers with high-quality and fresh food. Write about how you will achieve the goals.


- The third section - the description of the provided services or delivered goods. Here you can Express diner menu and list all the dishes that you plan to include in the range of institutions.


- Fourth section - the marketing plan. Be sure to do your research, and market analysis. Learn all about the competitors: their advantages and disadvantages, compare their diner with competing institutions. Be sure to check potential customers.


The fifth section is the production plan. Here it is necessary to paint the entire production process. Start with where you can purchase products (e.g., shop), how do you plan to deliver them to institution. Tell us how you will be cooking and serving meals to customers.


- The sixth section is the marketing plan. Tell us how you plan to attract customers and to serve them.


The seventh section is devoted to Finance. List all expenses and income, calculate their.


The eighth section is an assessment of profitability and sustainability. Analyze the situation of the enterprise in one way or another a crisis or difficult situation. Pre-plan the ways of solving problems.


The ninth section is the documentary. Here should be listed all the acts and laws that underpin the work of the enterprise.


- The tenth section of the application. You can include here a photo of the diner, menu, price list and anything else.


Diner registration: what documents are needed to open it


Paper registration Bizness do this, contact the FTS of Russia, to write the application registration, to provide notice about using this or that scheme of taxation and to attach certain documents (INN, SNILS, passport and copies of them). Learn more about all you can ask the tax officer. Still need to register with the pension Fund and the mandatory medical insurance Fund.


Let us dwell on the legal form and tax scheme. As for legal forms, you can choose entrepreneur (individual enterprise) or LLC (limited liability company). But remember that the individual entrepreneur has no right to sell alcoholic products, so in that case stop for OOO. The scheme of taxation may be General or simplistic. In the overall scheme of the required authorized capital (not less than 10 thousand rubles), cash register and Bank account, to be used all calculations.


Now more about the documents. Here's the list:

- constituent documents (certificate of state registration and the inclusion of an enterprise in the register of business entities);

- documents for the right to use the premises (lease contract or certificate of ownership);

- contracts for deratization and disinfestation;

- contract for waste removal;

- the contract for the recycling of fluorescent lamps and other hazardous equipment;

- report of the fire and sanitary and epidemiological services;

- permission from Rospotrebnadzor;

- license for realization of alcoholic beverages;

- help on the harmonization of the list of the implemented products;

- the book of complaints and suggestions;

- the company Charter and internal documents (job descriptions, etc.).


Select the room for the diner


Room for zakusochnaya room you want to open a diner? An important place of its location. The best such establishments to locate in places with high level of traffic or near major shopping centers or other organizations with a large number of employees. In this case, customers will be enough.


As for the area, if the diner is small, it is enough for 30-50 square meters. If the institution will be more extensive, it requires a large room (approximately 70-100 square meters).


And the room must meet all the requirements of fire and sanitary security. Otherwise, the school simply can not work.


Products and diner menu


First, create a menu. How can it be? It is sure to come delicious soups, the second hot dishes (garnishes, meat and fish dishes), salads, desserts and snacks. Don't forget about the drinks.


Now decide where you will buy the necessary products. This can be done, for example, in the shop or on the grocery database. Better to choose a place closer to not splurge on shipping.


Equipment, decor and staff


Showcase in zakusochnaya, for starters list of equipment that is required for the operation of the diner:


- cabinets;

- refrigerating equipment;

- plate (or separate cooktops and ovens);

- microwave ovens;

- coffee grinder and coffee maker

- fryer;


- well;

- water coolers and drinks.


As for the interior, you will need chairs and tables.


Don't forget to buy some accessories and cooking utensils: utensils (it can be disposable), Cutlery, trays, napkin holders and so on.


Staff will depend on the scale of the institution and type of service. So, for a small diner with self service will require the cashier and two cooks.


The income and expenses of the diner


Let's start with costs:

- Renting the room will need to spend monthly 30-50 thousand (the average city in the country);

- For the purchase of equipment will take about 100-150 thousand;

- For salaries of employees should be about 50-60 thousand (at a minimum state).

- For the purchase of the products will take about 30-50 thousand (depending on menu and number of dishes and customers);

- To pay taxes cook 3-5 thousand monthly.


Now about profit. In the normal flow of customers in a month you will have 30 to 70 thousand rubles.

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