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In these books is the work of leaders around the world

22 июня 2016, в 04:23

In these books is the work of leaders around the world. They quote, discuss and recommend at the highest level. They contain best practices for global business, advanced knowledge, used by leading executives from the most effective companies.

1) "blue ocean Strategy. How to find or create a market free from other players"
Author: Chan Kim, Director of the Institute of blue ocean strategy, INSEAD, Rene Mabron, Professor of strategy at INSEAD

The authors propose to completely abandon the competition. They believe that it is necessary to develop a new, not previously existing, markets with virtually no competitors (blue ocean) instead of competing with many low-profit companies in existing markets ("red oceans"). In the book by Chan Kim and Renee Mobron offer 150! successful

2) "Mental traps at work"
Author: mark Goulston known Professor of psychiatry, trainer of negotiators, FBI, USA

You are concerned that sales are on the spot, careers stalled, the staff did not cope with the task? Renowned psychiatrist explains how to cope with these traps. The book consists of stories of real leaders emerging from a situation of "self-blocking" - and successfully emerged from it. The material is presented according to the scheme: a concrete example "diagnosis" of the problem — the solutions and work on the bugs.

3) "Digital marketing: How to increase sales through social networking, blogs, wikis, mobile phones and other modern technologies"
Author: Ian Fenwick, the head of the Department of business administration at Sasin Graduate Institute, Kent Wertheim, President of OgilvyOne Asia-Pacific

What digital communication channels it is necessary to use in advertising your product? How to use each? How to combine with traditional? Experts in the field of digital marketing discuss how to increase sales using social networks, blogs and other modern technologies.

4) "good to great"
Author: Jim Collins, Professor at Stanford University

The best work of an outstanding business gurus of our time, Jim Collins. The book is about how a good company can become great. It is based upon an extensive analysis of most successful growth companies-long-livers. The research team headed by Jim Collins examines the factors and conditions necessary for the transition from "good to great", and its mechanisms. The authors are convinced that the consistent implementation of ideas and concepts presented in the book will help almost any organisation to radically improve its performance and achieve truly outstanding results.

5) "Partnership agreement: How to build a joint business on a reliable basis"
Author: David gage, founder of BMC Associates, a psychologist and expert on conflict resolution between business partners

A business partnership is often more effective and more successful entrepreneurs-individuals. Combining their strengths, the partners are expanding the possibilities of your business. However, all these benefits can quickly be destroyed if the rules of interaction partners was not registered "on the shore". The author, a renowned psychologist and expert on conflict resolution between business partners, David gage, on the example of real cases from his practice explains how to build relationships between partners and make the agreement that will be a solid Foundation for joint business.

6) "the innovator's Dilemma: How new technologies are killed strong company"
Author: Clayton M. Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School

The book is about how due to new, disruptive technologies die strong company. The author gives clear and effective advice on how to manage your company through the reefs of innovation. Founder and Director of the Corporation Intell Andy grove claims that this book helps him to avoid many mistakes in business and associated financial losses.

7) "Brilliant meeting. Rules for effective group work"
Author: Dee Kelsey, pam Plumb, experts in facilitation and organization of meetings

Meetings, history, meetings. they are Often only a waste of time – the result is zero. But this does not mean that they are useless. The key is to learn to manage them. How to predict and develop the scenario of the meeting? How to find an optimal solution? How to unlock the potential of all the participants? The authors suggest specific tools to solve these problems.

8) "The Dream Team. How to create a dream team
Author: Vladimir Gerasichev, Oleg Sinyakin, the founders of the company Business Relations

How to get sales best results. Even if you have an excellent product, for which there is no release from customers, and the company employs superprofessionalnyh staff, this is not enough in order to be the best company. You need to get your employees to the team. The authors talk about what needs to change in the working style, how to improve relationships with colleagues and customers and how to convince each Manager to work on ourselves. You will be surprised what reserves of productivity disappeared in the long familiar Department.

9) "Customers for life"
Author: Carl Sewell, owner of one of the best car dealer companies in the U.S.

This book is a practical guide to working with clients. Sewell writes about how he managed to raise sales to unprecedented heights by attracting and retaining buyers. He encourages all to rely on regular customers, because the mood for a one-time sale makes the business unsustainable.

10) "Business Virgin"
Author: Richard Branson, founder and head of Virgin Corporation

This book is an informal business course from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our day — sir Richard Branson! Since then, as in his youth, Branson left the College to start his first business, he does things his way — in original and outrageous style. In this book you will not find boring theory. There is no clear structure and system. This book is a conversation. Branson tells what he knows about business, about relationships with staff and clients, about creating a new product, the company management at different stages of its development. What I went through and changed my mind for forty years, during which time a small shop selling LPS turned into a huge international company with 400 offices in 30 countries and with 50 thousand employees.

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