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Nine best ways without money to motivate people

22 июня 2016, в 16:07

Nine best ways without money to motivate people


Don't show people the money, even if you have them. The point is not to save a penny on motivation. Just team morale can be raised in other ways. Here are nine examples.


1. Be generous with praise. All I want to hear a good word. Praise from the Director-General is expensive. Praise people for every achievement or just a good job. Start with praise alone, and then try to praise people in the presence of others.


2. Get rid of managers. Work without managers? This is stupid. And you try. Do not assign team leaders or managers. Instead, give people the space to work as a team. Will drop the morale of the head? Much worse, when the spirit falls team. Think about it. Allow people to work in a team on an equal footing. People will come early, leave late, and give more strength to solve problems.


3. Make your ideas their ideas. People hate to be told what to do. Don't force people, let them feel that your idea is their own. "What if we do it like this [your idea]. Do you think it will be better?".


4. Do not criticize and do not correct. No one (generally one) doesn't want him poking his nose in a mistake. If you want to demotivate the person, criticism is the best way to do that. Don't hit in the forehead, around the flank. Help the person (in soft form) to be better help to understand the error and fix it. Ask: "if it was a way? And how can you do otherwise? Then it will be a conversation, not pointing the finger at mistakes.


5. Make a leader of everyone. Specify the people to their strengths and let them know that their excellence sets an example for others. Set the bar high and people will seek to justify its reputation as a leader.


6. Invite people to talk over lunch. Surprise employees. Skip the official launch of the policy lunch with the boss. Just approach the man and invite him along to eat. This is a simple way to show that you noticed and appreciated the work of man.


7. Accept and reward. This can be done in different forms. Loudly declare to the meeting about the success of one of the employees. Run an internal competition or a game, hang the Board in a conspicuous place and fix it to the progress of the competition. Small gifts (which are not hard hit on the budget) also work: try the dinner, trophies, SPA services, commemorative plates or plaques.


8. Organize parties. Going on picnics, celebrate birthdays, assign. Don't wait for official holidays, throw parties year-round employees to feel solidarity.


9. Share with people the joy and the pain. If all is well, celebrate. People will know that you are grateful to them for their hard work. If the company are not the best way, don't keep from the team. You're counting on the loyalty of the people. Don't you think that people are entitled to the truth about what is happening with the company? Be honest and transparent in communication.

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