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How to start a business from scratch with no money: 8 simple steps TOP 10 most profitable ideas without investment for aspiring entrepreneurs

9 января 2017, в 08:11

Many people wonder how to start a business from scratch with no money. Because the work itself is beneficial and convenient because you can earn more, you can schedule to do anything, and most importantly, anyone do not need to report. This article includes the best ideas of business without investment and some useful tips.


Where to start


First of all, you need to prepare not only morally, but also financially. Either you must have money to satisfy all household needs up until you get back on your feet or your business should combine their own business with work – at least at first.


A positive attitude is very important!, but their opportunities should be as realistic as possible: be prepared for any outcome as an optimistic variant of succession of events, and to the fact that the first time nothing happens.

Step 1. Define your strengths


In order to achieve success in any business, you have to truly love it. This is the only really working method. No wonder they say that the best job is a well paid hobby. And that your endeavor was exactly necessary to do a simple exercise.


You need to define your strengths: take a pencil and paper and write a list of skills which you possess truly good. Highlight those that are associated with a particularly attractive things. Think about how you could apply these abilities, and is it possible to somehow combine them, so that they formed the basis of your enterprise.


For example, if you're witty and creative, you should try your hand in advertising, if good with tools – you will be able to earn good money in the field of home repair if easily find common language with people and have the gift of persuasion, then network marketing can bring you good income.

Step 2. Choose a niche with the least competition


To create an effective business without initial capital, you need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market and choose a niche. This will allow you to start a business that will not only fit your skills and preferences, but will be the least competitive. And the lower the competition, the higher the chances of success.

Step 3. Analyzed business competitors


Before you open your company, you need to carefully analyze business competitors and to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This will help to develop competitive advantages that will be able to provide you with a constant stream of customers and, accordingly, a stable income.

Step 4. Generated competitive advantages


Every company has unique competitive advantages, which are also called "unique selling proposition" or USP just. It can be:



free services;

a wider range of services;

special conditions in re-circulation.


In order to compete successfully with other companies in the same field, you will need to determine such benefits, which are unable to offer your customers your competitors.


Step 5. Make a business plan


To start a new business went smoothly, need to make a clear detailed plan and stick to it down to the last detail. The business plan should include all aspects of your future business, starting with budget and ending with the brands of equipment that will be used in the enterprise. In fact, a business plan is a kind of manual for starting and doing business, and flawless execution of all its points repeatedly will increase your chances of success.

Step 6. Attract customers


Contrary to popular belief, create your case, if there is no money, it is possible. But any business requires advertising, because the more you have clients the more will be your income. Therefore, customer acquisition is the primary goal, and approach to its solution is necessary with all responsibility.


If you do not have funds for advertising, the first customers of your business may well be your relatives and friends. And even if your services will be irrelevant, they will still be able to help in recommending your company to my colleagues and family members.


In addition, you can use to promote social media is the easiest and most effective option to attract to your business account.

Step 7. Startup business


To achieve success, regardless of scope, the first time you will need to work "reputation" – so that every person who will turn to you for help, were satisfied. Perhaps this approach will negatively affect profits, because you have to do customers with great discounts and provide them some services for free, but in the long run this strategy will pay off.

Step 8. Expand


When you have a large and loyal customers, profits will increase, and reputation in professional and business sphere will allow you to take on large and complex orders, will need to carefully analyze the activities of the company and to devise a strategy for its further expansion. Now you will be able to hire employees that will perform routine tasks while they concentrate on steering.


Now consider the simplest and most promising ideas


to realize that can


even the inexperienced novice entrepreneur.

1. Consultations and tutoring


If you are a qualified specialist, e.g. a lawyer or an economist, you can earn a good income, providing consulting services. This is a great business without an initial capital, because consultation can be carried out not only in person but also via the Internet, which means you don't have to spend money on equipping the office – at least at the initial stage you can do without it.


Via the Internet you can do tutoring – private practice brings much more than that paid in state schools. Especially good now you can earn by preparing high school students for final exams and the subsequent admission to the UNIVERSITY, but that requires the appropriate qualifications. Also in demand, preparing for language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and others.


And even if you are not a qualified teacher, but have any skills, for example, well-knit, paint or play the guitar, you can easily tutor these lessons are in demand and well paid.

2. Online


The Internet offers almost limitless possibilities for business. The earnings in the network suitable even for beginners – those who knows nothing in programming, web design and SEO (website promotion in search engines), you can write articles, create images and videos. Even in games, you can make a little money.


The best money creating your own website. But to achieve this success, more needs to know and be able to, not to mention the fact that the profits the site will bring only a few years of hard work.

3. Massage with departure on the house


Competition among the massage parlors today are extremely high even in small cities, but leaving the house are very few, so if you have the right skills or think you can understand them, this initiative can bring you a good income.


However, note that many types of massage require a serious knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and some complete medical education.


4. Husband for an hour


As a rule, the service "husband for an hour" include the following:


Plumbing work;

Electrical work;

Assembling and disassembling of furniture;

Minor household repairs;

Carpentry and installation work.


This is the best option a small business in the service sector for men. If you know the basics of plumbing skills, understand the construction and plumbing, they know how to handle the tool and can do minor household repairs for a few minutes, this beginning will bring you great income.

5. Create a channel on YouTube


If you know something what others can not, or have their own opinion on relevant and resonant questions, you will surely be able to earn on its own channel on YouTube. To shoot videos for the video blog you can use your smartphone and income will be formed due to ad impressions.


When your channel reaches a certain number of subscribers, you will be able to incorporate into their videos ads. It is best to use for this is Google AdSense, which will provide you income in the 2-4 dollar for every thousand views. So try to make your videos as attractive as possible to a wide audience, because it will directly affect the yield.

6. Handmade


Handmade is a great way to make money that will suit both men and women, after all, handmade items are always in demand and highly valued. Men can engage in the manufacture of wicker furniture and baskets, wood carving, manufacturing of various sculptures and metal products, and women knitting and embroidering, to creating candle, make soap, making of bow ties, scrapbooking and other crafts.


The biggest challenge in this business is to find buyers for their products. For the greatest convenience to sell the product through intermediaries. However, the profit in this case will be slightly lower, but the income will be more stable.

7. Manufacturer of pickles


Making pickles is a great small business, because the average yield is 300-400 percent. In this case you will need nothing except a small room (go to any garage, basement or shed) and barrels for pickling. The cost of vegetables and spices will be minimal. But the finished product can be sold at markets and through shops.

8. Services in the field of beauty


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