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21 января 2017, в 04:37


every time He asked who you called and runs to the phone almost faster than you? You should not consider it endearing, and then it will ask passwords from all your social networks and will seek out the "hidden meaning" in the message two years ago, sent to a friend. In this situation you have two options – either initially to set a clear border control, or to accept and just not to discuss anything important in virtual reality.


is He nice to you but rude to the saleswoman from the bread Department? Does not help parents, or did not communicate with them? Can yell at the conductor in the bus or the girl behind the wheel? Then you should pay for his behavior is attention – often these aggressive outbursts are transferred inside of a relationship and maybe after the next quarrel you'll have a couple of bruises. HIS FRIENDS Understand how faithful your man is, in his relationships with friends. They grew up together, overcame trouble and been friends for twenty years? It's safe to say that he will try to save (of course, if you meet his expectations). By the way, if your man has a lot of friends from work or he is familiar with the neighbors, so he can find a common language even with a hungry bear.


was Noticed on the streets of the city kissing couples, looking at which language and asks a popular meme with the grandmother, who shakes his cane? So if you're one of those couples (and you are not 15 years), it is worth considering – if your man does not hesitate to exhibit intimate feelings in public, then he obviously wants to show others how he is the alpha male. And to you is necessary?


is Itself stressful situation for men can become your pregnancy, but if you want to check your feelings before the wedding, do not take it into account. Tell me that you were sick and not going to be able to go on a date. How he will behave? If come to you with bundles of drugs and tangerines – so it is worth paying attention to such a caring man who will become your strong wall. If he promisit into the phone "get well" and never asks about your health, then why do we need such a man? To learn all about the man it is impossible even for the years of living together. Most importantly, remove the rose-colored glasses – a sober look you will learn about partner something that never wanted to notice before.

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