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21 января 2017, в 04:41

"Man needs man" ... And if this year you could not find the right person, then you will definitely find it in one of the new 365 days. And we give you a little help with tips.

VISIT NOT ONLY the WORK AND if the work takes 90% of your time, take part with them in the Park. Don't sit at home on weekends, exhibitions, concerts, cinemas and clubs are sure to help you find love. Go to a cafe with friends or friends – usually in this setting, people often smile and seem happy and smile, as you know, the best weapons. Give YOURSELF PERMISSION to SAY "NO" Yeah, hooked you can certainly give it a shot, but if you feel that the person is not yours, abandon meetings, just say that you are approached to each other. Do not rush to the first comer in the world of a few billion men and one of them will suit you.

EVALUATE YOUR ENVIRONMENT Perhaps one of your friends drags you down, negatively affect your perception of the world or you just not interested in each other. It's time to say goodbye to unnecessary people, so they are not dragged you along to where you will be uncomfortable. And by the way, this item is associated with a second – say "no" to everything you don't like.

Do NOT GIVE in to CLICHES Say that men who work in the power structures – the most reliable. But who said that good cannot be an employee in the office next door or an old friend, meeting with whom you are constantly postponing? A beautiful appearance is not always suggests that the person is right for you. Not rely on your eyes or its security, but choose the feelings that you feel about being close to someone.

TAKE TIME for FRIENDS Even with a permanent partner, do not forget about friends. To drink wine in conversation, relax with tea and cake, measure all things from the wardrobe of a friend, or maybe just relax on the dance floor. So you will not only feel happy but will also enhance the chances to meet your love.

MEET ONLINE is Not always possible to overcome the confusion and to meet you in a cafe or club. Then come to the aid of Dating sites. It is not necessary to limit to one open ranking of the best Dating sites and go down the list – so chances to find love will be much greater. By the way, in Internet you it is easier to know the interests of prospective partner – all written in his profile. Most importantly – do not be discouraged. Don't close yourself from random encounters and Dating, don't sit at home – your happiness can find you at any time, and you better be ready for it.

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