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How to begin business, without quitting the job?

22 июня 2016, в 04:15

How to begin business, without quitting the job?


"I have the main work. Therefore business on the Internet is created by me slowly and hard. For it I just do not have time."


Perhaps, it is the most common cause of slow progress of the beginning Internet businessmen.


Availability of the main work.


Well, as, I took the first steps in internet marketing when I had on it no time at all, I want to share with you algorithm which, perhaps, will turn your lemon into lemonade.


Also will allow you to construct successful Internet and business, despite the main employment at work and a lack of free time over time.


So, how to construct successful Internet and business, in parallel with the main work?


Step 0. Do not take in head to quit the job directly.


Do not listen to people who advise you to spit everything, to leave and begin the business.


Leave only if you have a financial safety cushion.


The Internet businessman who is pushing most away from himself is an Internet businessman who urgently needs money.


The needing businessman unconsciously pushes away from himself readers, clients and partners.


Build the first Internet and business in parallel with the main work.


You will always manage to leave when you begin to earn an equivalent of the salary on the Internet.


Step 1. Be specifically determined with model of your online business.


When the person accurately knows on what model he has decided to build the business, ceases to throw it here and there.


It switches from "the mode reacting to all new" to the creative mode.


There is a lot of Internet business models selling information.


It is possible to sell the goods directly through a contextual advertizing.


It is possible to sell someone else's goods on an affiliate link.


It is possible to create at first audience around himself and only then to begin to monetize it.


Personally I have chosen "mailing model" at the beginning.


That is forming of audience around and already then the offer of paid goods within the subject.


Respectively, at me in the head 3 main objectives crystallized:


1. To attract new readers of mailing.


2. To create new good content for readers.


3. To do to readers paid offers.


The result has gone already on a mark to 1000 readers.


Each model comprises several key tasks.


The main thing is accurate to be determined with business model, and everything will become at once simpler.


Step 2. Create for yourself the list from 5 next priorities.


Having chosen Internet business model to liking, start the "plan of occupation of the world".


Ask yourself a question: what logical chain which will realize this model in reality?


Write 5 next steps which you need to make.


For example …


1. To create a free rate on the subject.


2. To create the subscription page with the offer of a rate.


3. To adjust and start advertizing to Yandeks-direkt.


4. To prepare and announce the first high-quality release of mailing.


5. To write down the paid training rate and to announce it to readers.

Now, the logical chain of the next actions is extremely clear.


Priorities are determined.


Time to get to systematic work has come.


Step 3. Cut from yourself an excess information flow.


When the model of Internet business is chosen and the list of the next priority actions is determined, it is necessary to minimize the distracting factors.


The main distracting factor on the Internet is the Internet.


Therefore, at this stage, try to protect yourself from a flow of mailings and materials on social networks which shout of new ingenious methods of earnings and a network.


There are no ingenious new methods.


All ingenious is simple.


You create thematic audience around yourself.


You share with audience good stuff free of charge.


In parallel doing exclusive commercial offers.


It worked, works and will work.


Therefore, be not afraid "to pass something new".


All new — well forgotten old.


Have chosen business model, were determined with 5 next priorities — well.


Now abstract from excess flows of information and you will concentrate on steps which you have planned.


You will trust in themselves and realize steps in practice.


Step 4. Block a daily 2-hour interval of concentration.


When I have made the decision to be engaged in online business seriously, I studied on 1 rate of university.


At that time I attended all classes.


I went to the first couple and I came back home only in the evening.


For myself I have determined that the most convenient for me the period during which I can sit quietly at the computer in silence is the period from midnight to 2 o'clock in the morning.


At this time all family went to bed.


I took the laptop and went on kitchen.


The Internet in kitchen was not.


I was lucky, by the way, that in those days there was no Wi-Fi.


Including the laptop, I opened first of all not the page for VKontakte.


I opened microsoft word to write the next page of the advertizing text.


Little by little, it was possible to finish work on all text within 7-10 days.


I am convinced for 100 percent what busy and tired was not the person if he has a purpose to create Internet and business if it has the dream, then it anyway will find 2 hours a day for the focused work at the computer.


Step 5. Fill with planning and training "empty time".


I am recognized fairly, on couples at university I wrote down not lectures, and the plans more …


Plans of new paid goods.


Plans of advertizing texts.


Plans of articles and multimedia materials.


Lists of those whom to address for advertizing.


Lists of keywords for advertizing.


My brain storms took place only on couples, but also in the dining room, in routes, etc.


I do not urge you to treat irresponsibly the main work, actively considering during it the affairs connected with Internet business.


I speak about the moments, for day when you, for example, eat in the bus, you wait for transport or you stand in a queue.


Use this time for training: listenings of podcasts on a subject of your current priority.

Use this time for training: listenings of podcasts on a subject of your current priority.


Current priority, but not the following.


Use this time for planning of your articles, pages of the website, promotional materials.


That while you turn on the computer, you accurately knew what you will work now on.


What specifically you will create now.


Step 6. Report on the made case to yourself daily before going to bed.


I always used the daily log NOT for planning of day.


It is necessary to plan tasks per day on a simple sheet of paper.


The daily log is intended in order that at the end of the day to report before by itself concerning what specific step has been taken by you today.


You know in what a counter of such approach?


Having filled one day with the MADE case, will become you inconveniently if you fill nothing at the end of the next day.


Daily reporting to itself, you accustom yourself to need of daily made case.


At least small.


You train in yourself responsibility and productivity.


And as process when you thumb through the daily log in the opposite direction is pleasant and you see mountains of affairs which you have made — about it I will not even speak.


Step 7. Always you remember snowball force.


From outside can seem that 2 hours a day on creation of the Internet business are a little.


Can seem that affairs progress very slowly.


However, it is illusion.


Actually the invisible effect of a snowball works.


2 concentrated working hours a day without derivation are 60 hours a month.


Or 730 hours a year.


Working at the first year university according to such schedule, I managed to construct reader's base in several thousands of people, to create and issue on 1 high-quality release of mailing monthly, and also to announce 1 new paid goods each 2-3 months.


This schedule has given me starting speed.


Speed which has allowed me after the termination of university even not to get a job, and to completely devote itself to Internet business on a fixed basis.


Therefore if you have a desire, you will be able to construct successful business on the Internet, even despite employment.


Follow the recipe from this article to create cool online projects, in parallel with the main of a rabotoy.kushchy priority.

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