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Business idea: Production of plywood

9 января 2017, в 07:48

Profit: 260 Tr.

Initial investment: 2100 Tr

Payback: 8 months.


Manufacturer of building materials brings high income. In low-rise construction, exterior or interior decoration, rough roof, shipbuilding and the manufacture of furniture, rarely do without using a sheet of plywood. The article examines the idea for a small business to produce sheets of FK plywood of size 1.5 m*1.5 m.


Plywood is a layered foliage material made from veneer of various wood species. Most often plywood is made from birch. This is due to its most high physical and technical characteristics.


Depending on the technology of production of veneer, plywood share:


- planed;

- sawn;

- peeled;


The most cost-effective is the manufacture of plywood by a method of peeling. Depending on the use for the manufacture of glue the plywood share:


- plywood FC – has a low moisture-proof properties, often used in interior decoration;

- plywood WBP – due to the high moisture resistance is used outdoors. Due to the emission of harmful substances this plywood is suitable for use in a residential area.


Plywood also divided according to the type of surface treatment:


- SH1 – this plywood is sanded on one side;

- Ø2 – sided sanded plywood;

- NSH – wood;


Main produced in formats of plywood:


- 1525mm * 1525mm;

- 1220mm * 2440mm;

- 1500mm * 3000mm;

- 1525mm * 3050мм.




The range is designed for small businesses with low initial costs. The workshop will produce plywood FC, sanded, grade 4/4.


Sales of produced plywood FC


Plywood FK is used:


- manufacture of formwork;

- roofing;

- interior design;

- finish exteriors;

- laying flooring.


Put the plywood made at:


large distribution centers and warehouses;

- joiner's shop;

- furniture shop;

- building organization.

- stores retail sales.


The manufacturing process of plywood


- Heat treated wooden logs (chock) stripped the bark and install it in shelling machine.


- A log rotating on its axis and as on a lathe it is removed the top layer of veneer.


- Removed the veneer is cut out, dried and sorted, and then stacked in packages. The wood fibers of each layer of veneer should be directed mutually perpendicularly. It will improve physical and technical characteristics of plywood.


The total number of layers is odd and each even layer on two sides applied urea glue.


- Received packets are received in a hot press.


- The resulting sheets of plywood are calibrated to the desired size on the machine.


The necessary equipment


-Shelling machine essentally

-Hydraulic guillotine Italmac TEC-26

- The machine is for jointing veneers Kuper HFZ/4

-Gluing machine S2R 100

- Plywood press P-714 B to the hydraulic power unit


The economic rationale for activities


For the production of 1m3 of plywood consumed 1. 6m3-1. 8m3 birch logs. The average cost of which is equal to 2000 rubles.


Cost of producing 50 m3 of plywood per month:

Name Cost, rubles

-Birch log 360 000

-Glue 200 000

-Hire 100 000

-S/n 100 000

-Other expenses 50 000

A total of 630 000


Capital costs:

Name Price, RUB

-Essentally shelling machine with digital control 315 000

-Hydraulic guillotine Italmac TEC-26 500 000

-The machine is for jointing veneers Kuper HFZ/4 30 000

-Gluing machine S2r-1300 240 000

Hot plywood press P-714Б 1 038 000


Total 2 123 000


Revenue calculation


Monthly production of the plant is 50 m3 of plywood. The average cost of plywood FC 4/4 NSH is equal to 17 000 rubles. Revenue will be 850 000. Profitability of 30 %, the return on investment 8-12 months.

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