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Business idea: Production of luminous images

9 января 2017, в 08:05

Initial investment: 300 Tr

Monthly income: 210 Tr

Payback period: 2 months.


Business services printing will pay for itself quickly if to offer customers innovative solutions. In search of new ideas, pay attention to the opportunity to make a photo glow in the dark. Exclusive services will attract new customers in the long-running photo-workshops and help you to stand out from the competition newcomers.


The technology is based on the ability of some substances to accumulate light. The material consists of two layers of special film and a polymer luminescent plate. The "glowing" effect persists after recharging up to 5 hours. Production capacities allow to produce 1 sheet of A4 in 3-5 minutes.


Target audience


The demand for the services of printing does not depend on the season, fashion trends, income levels of consumers. Offering print glow in the dark images, you cover a wide target audience, which, in addition to private clients include:


- professional photographers;

- advertising agencies who would be interested in the manufacture of luminous ads, signs, Souvenirs;

designers and interior shops;

suppliers of products for printing shops.


The choice of location


The photo Studio should be located in a major shopping or business centre. 10 m2 is sufficient to accommodate the necessary equipment, which in size does not exceed the size of the Desk.


In addition, you can organize your home business by finding customers through the Internet and ads. In the latter case, it is possible to significantly save on rent, but will have to abandon the customers "off the street".


The Economics of the project


1 plate for printing A4 costs 85 rubles. The cost of photos (including rent of premises, electricity, paint) will be about 100 rubles. Developing new ideas for business, we should not forget about advertising, which will also have to invest, especially at first. Sales photo – from 400 to 600 rubles depending on the region. What is the result?


With each photo A4 obtain at least 300 rubles of profit. Selling 1000 images, you will earn 300 000. Pictures of smaller size have a lower cost, therefore profits will increase. For example, offering the service in 1 school, you can attract 700 customers (average number of students is 1,000 people) and earn from 210 000. You are fully recoup the cost in 1-2 months after the start of production.

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