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Business idea: Hall of martial arts

11 января 2017, в 21:33

Initial investment: 1690 Tr

Monthly revenue: 300 Tr

Payback period: 6 months.


The purpose of this business plan is the opening and development of the school of martial arts (ABOVE), designed for visitors of the middle class and wealthy visitors.


Legal form of business – non-state educational establishment (NOU). This is due to the fact that membership in many federations of single combats are forbidden to commercial structures.


The degree of success of the project is assessed as medium-high, due to the fact that the demand for quality, better to say professional services is constantly growing. However, the final assessment can be given only in connection with the specifics of a particular location.


Company description


There are plans to open ABOVE with 2 halls: hall of martial arts and gym, reception area with a relaxation area, showers and locker room. SHE can accommodate up to 25 visitors in a hall of single combats of up to 15 visitors at a gym with working hours from 8-00 till 24-00.


Description of services


YESHE will provide training in the following martial arts:


Combat JIU-jitsu:


· Section Full-contact

· Section Wrestling (Grappling)

· Section Self-Defense

· The Universal


for individuals with the following capabilities:


one - time group lessons in the martial arts

- systematic training in groups, season tickets (from 2 times a week)

- one-time classes and a systematic coach (private lessons)

one - time self-training in the gym

- systematic self-training in the gym


Production plan


A major step in the implementation of the project on creation of the ABOVE will be the search for and selection of suitable premises. The required area for the full implementation of the project will be not less than 200 square meters. Of them:

- 5 sq m – reception

- 10-15 sq. m. – recreation area

- 20 sq. m. – changing rooms (male and female)

- 120 sq. m – hall of martial arts

- 50 sqm – gym


Equipment halls:


Hall edinoborstv:

tatami 120sq. M.

- makiwara – 6pcs

hats – 6PC

- gloves – 6 pairs

- Boxing bags – 8pcs

- mirrors – 40 kV. M.

bags-drops – 2

- Swedish wall – 2

elements of decor (set of swords, etc.)



- treadmills – 1 unit

- bicycles – 1 unit

- power systems – 3 units

gymnastic systems - 3 units

- dumbbells – size range

- bench with barbell - 2

- furniture

- interior


It is desirable during repair and purchase of equipment to hire the services of designers, has worked with sports clubs.


For proper functioning of the NECK will require the following staff:

- managing 1 person

- accountant – 1 person

Secretary – 1 person

trainers - 3 people

- the cleaners – 1 person


Advertising campaign


A local advertising company in the area where located ABOVE. The best option is the distribution of invitation tickets discounts. In parallel, it is necessary to use other forms of advertising within the area.


The second major channel for attracting visitors – promotion on the Internet.


The third Active involvement through presence in the tournament as participants and/or co-organizers.


Marketing plan


Sales services will be carried out through the subscription offering various bonuses and discounts to regular customers and through a system of single tickets. This approach will allow as to form a large circle of loyal regular customers, and not to alienate visitors who are not able to deal with constantly.


Financial plan


In this section of the business plan we consider the financial component of the project for the opening of the NECK.



- opening KNOW – 70,000 rubles

- room for rent – 200,000 rubles a month

- repair and design depends on the space (roughly 1000/sq. m) 250,000 rubles

- equipment – 700,000 rubles

- construction and installation works – from 50,000 rubles

- wages – 285.000 rubles a month

- advertising – 135.000 rubles

Total: minimum required to start – 1.690.000 rubles


Monthly expenses:

- hire – 200.000

- salary – 285.000 RUB 1st season, 365.000 RUB the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

- is the first 2 months of every season – 100.000



- sale of ski passes (375 – 100% (15 groups of 25 people)) – 1.500.000 roubles a month (at the cost of the ticket, 4T. R.) – 100%

The percentage occupancy rate and the income for the seasons:

1st season (September-may) – 40% (150 people) – 600,000 rubles

2nd season – 80% (300 people) – 1.200.000 roubles

3rd season – 100%

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