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Better chew, than speaks: 7 things he's not supposed to do with you

9 января 2017, в 07:55

1. Offended if you do not participate in the discussion

When a man wants to discuss the latest episode of "Star wars" or complain of not enough authentic food at a Mexican restaurant (despite the fact that he is not Mexican, and their kitchen has a very rough data), you have every right to refuse. And it shouldn't take this as a denial of freedom of speech and to force you to talk.


2. Violates the the women hate when they are after the whistle. And they don't like, if your friends are oil men begin to joke in social networks or real life. The woman is not very interesting that her friend argued with others about how good she is in bed or what a pleasant impression of her new outfit on his cock. Such jokes are allowed to a human consisting with it in relationship, and no one else. But the usual compliments like almost everyone.


3. Calls PMS cause of your bad mood

Hell, you're well aware, when the hormones are trying to subdue, and when it just seems. And no idiot dares to project their silly thoughts in your menstrual cycle! And if you try — he needs to stay away from you.


4. Strongly suggests you to help someone

And asks you. One day you and the sister of a friend of his friend got a letter in which he asks you to help her with coursework. And you can't refuse! He's trying to free your time and energy on promoting your new business requires to get a job for the uncle of his friend, and done a thousand things. You just have to ask, you is not difficult, but when it makes a charge, you just remember how women hundreds of years went hand in hand with low-paying or free work for the men...


5. Discuss your weight

The phrase your friend or acquaintance that you have recovered, naturally spoils your mood. But the opposite opinion, better not to say: turns out that I have seen on you weight... well, it's too unpleasant. Best to be silent, or to say that you look good.


6. Says you're not like everyone else

This, so to speak, a compliment from the mouth of a guy you met five minutes ago, shows that he has nothing more to say, youth is passing, and you're only guilty of being born a woman. The subtext of these words: "I don't think about women well but I hope you're the exception to the rule, continue in the same spirit."


7. Claims that he is good

In General, it is of course useful for self-assessment. But if he allows himself racist, homophobic, xenophobic and other comments, and then justified that he is the "bright person" — should not continue a relationship with him. Adults refrain from unpleasant remarks about groups of people precisely because they are educated and discreet. Let them take their phobia to a specialist, and you'll find a normal person for the vacant seat.

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