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8 rules planning time, don't forget to add yourself to the wall!

22 июня 2016, в 15:57

8 rules planning time, don't forget to add yourself to the wall!


1. Record the plan for the next day 

Plan the next day before going to sleep is commendable, but in order not to forget anything, it is better to record. Delimit things in order of importance, dividing the notebook into two columns. In the first write down what needs to be done urgently. The second – less important in the case of force majeure can be rescheduled for another day. 


2. Try to complete most of the planned in the first half of the day. Use the lunch break to solve their personal Affairs (to call relatives to discuss issues with the Bank loan, pay bills, etc.). The evening Express the minimum (negotiations with the Builder, going to the salon, grocery shopping). 


3. Replenish prematurely 

Don't wait until they run out. 


4. Repair 

Immediately repair all that is broken, torn, detached, etc. 


5. Remove items in place 

Remove items in place, as soon as you stop to use them, this will help to avoid confusion. 


6. Keep things in specific locations 

For example, all documents put in a separate folder or box, receipts and checks also keep chipped in a certain place. 


7. Get rid of unnecessary 

"Golden reserve" of the old things left, so then have to create something beautiful, will not bring nothing but clutter and excess dust. In addition, it is believed that things that were sent us "junk" on the mezzanine, they carry negative energy. 


8. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat right.

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