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21 января 2017, в 04:50

In today's fast paced life, girls often forget about the fact that surprises should make not only to them, but they are. Every man, despite the often ostentatious indifference to "mimimi", in hopes that one day and he offered to massage my feet, or fill the tank with foam. Is to make your darling a surprise to be reminded how much you care about him... In this article we have collected some ideas that can make a man happy.


A DREAM come true TO you, the city comes to his favorite band that you hate? Or your man dreams of a new, just released game? Maybe he just wants to go with friends on a fishing trip, on which you so long did not let go (although there is a separate conversation – why not let)? Let him do what he had long dreamed of! Buy tickets, place the game disc under the pillow or just insert to the console, arrange for him to fishing. You will see how your man will appreciate you even more.


QUEST "SEARCHING for TREASURES" you Can spend your loved one to aide you, and you can only use the apartment. Unfold the riddles, the answer to which will bring it closer to long-awaited prize. A gift, of course, should not be a Burger from a nearby eatery, but something valuable for him. You can combine this quest with the previous version of surprise, and then joy in the eyes of a loved one will tell you that you have become even closer.


An INTIMATE EVENING Cook his favorite foods, tuck (if he smokes) hookah, throw a themed party. For example, stay for him a geisha or a cabaret dancer. Fruit basket, candles, Striptease, erotic massage, unusual for you pose in sex, which pleases him, your man will feel the most desired man in the world, such a surprise will refresh your relationships and make them even stronger.


ADD a BIT of excitement, If your men a sedentary job and he was tired of the routine, extreme – the best option is to return him to enjoy life. The ATV ride, flying gliders or even just paintball with his friends will be a great shake-up and another reason to show how much you love him.


Our favorite men are so different, and come up with surprises, which are suitable for all, is quite difficult. If neither option suits you, simply ask the man what he wanted.

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