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30 quotations incomparable Faina Ranevskaya

22 июня 2016, в 04:32

30 quotations incomparable Faina Ranevskaya


1. Hell, put on the opinions of others, provides a peaceful and happy life.

2. My God, I'm old — I still remember decent people!

3. We are accustomed to single-celled words, scanty thoughts to play after that, Ostrovsky!

4. Health is when you have every day hurts in a different place.

5. The tale is when he married the frog, and she was the Princess. A true story — is when Vice versa.

6. Under the most beautiful peacock's tail hides the most common chicken ass. So that less pathos, gentlemen.

7. I like eggs: participate, but do not enter.

8. I hate it when the fucking builds himself innocent!

9. All my life I am terribly afraid of stupid. Especially women. Never know how to talk to them without sinking to their level.

10. Sclerosis cannot be cured, but you can forget about it.

11. Life is a long jump from p**dy to the grave.

12. You are still young and look lovely.

I can't respond to you the same compliment!

— And you would, like me, lied!

13. The second half is the brain, assholes and tablets. I initially whole.

14. Most importantly — living life to live, not down memory lane to fumble.

15. If the patient really wants to live, doctors are powerless.

16. Sad ass no joy let ' er rip.

17. Lesbianism, homosexuality, masochism, sadism is not a perversion. Perversion, in fact, only two: hockey and ballet on ice.

18. Beautiful people too, shit.

19. Loneliness as a condition is not treatable.

20. All pleasant in this world or harmful, or immoral or leads to obesity.

21. There are people in whom God lives; there are people in whom the Devil lives; and there are people that only live worms.

22. Everyone is free to dispose of his ass as he wants. So I lift and**IWAY.

23. So we see how much we overeat, our stomach is on the same side as the eye.

24. Women are not the weaker sex weaker sex is rotten boards.

25. Women, of course, smarter. Have you ever heard of a woman who'd lost his head just because men have nice legs?

26. "PI-PI" in the tram — it's what he did in art.

27. Talent is the self-doubt and painful dissatisfaction and its shortcomings, which I've never met mediocrity.

28. When Faina Georgievna asked what, in her opinion, women tend to exhibit greater loyalty — brunette or blonde, she without hesitation said, "Gray!"

29. Better to be a good person, use foul language, than a quiet, educated creature.

30. When I die, bury me and write on the monument: "Died of disgust".

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