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11 commandments novice entrepreneur

22 июня 2016, в 16:18

11 commandments novice entrepreneur



Willingness to business... something That happens... When you know what you want or when you are determined that you want to work for themselves and only for themselves. When you're not going to plow days and nights on some boss.. When you are ready to devote yourselves to this business... When you are ready to face challenges. When you live idea when you breathe it - then you're ready...



Confidence in the idea. In your future business. What you want to open should be successful. It cannot be otherwise. When you just say to all interested, all workers, friends - YES, I'll do it. YEAH, I'll totally do it. And only then take the idea. If you're not ready to say if you're not sure, don't even try. If in your mind a fixed idea, accompanied by the words - I want or I think I do - this is not the case. When you're going to burn the idea when you're confident in it - then take it.



You have to be "not an employee". You have to be a businessman. You have to organize things. You must lead people. You must see the owner. To feel it in conversation. You have to see the idea, you have to take all the necessary... You have to be ideological. You have to be adventurous. Remember that.



For business needs money. You must realize that this is a huge risk. You don't have to take the money, not realizing that it is a huge responsibility! A lot of people around me because of debts have committed suicide. It shatters marriages. From this lost friends, loved ones turning away. If you take the money - you have to give them. Please understand that this is a huge responsibility, and that is a huge risk! Do not take in debt, if you are not sure of the repayment 100%. It is dangerous.



You should know its scope. Needs to understand what it is and how it works. Perfectly, if the scope of business, such as your favorite. You know. You know loopholes... Imagine a grandmother who wants to do not the sewing production, and web design. It is not so simple.


Business plan

As much as you all seemed so simple, clear and wonderful - you must write a business plan or a likeness... a Short strategy. If you are not having a business plan, open a case - you make a big mistake. Not having a plan of action - don't do it. You have to know their customers. Must see the big picture. How stupid that I hadn't looked - down. That's better.



Don't take friends to his state. You realize your mistake as soon as do it. Friends will not be suitable for positions as wage-workers. Friends will not cope. Friends will want more than others. Friends can pressure you. Friends will pull your firm down. You will not be able to dismiss them out of obligation. If you hire a friend you will make a big mistake. An old truthful saying: "I want to lose a friend - give him money". And here. Do not take friends. You can cooperate with them, but not to take them to the staff.



If you're a good partner you can rely on. You do all the time, you don't fail anyone, you don't throw anyone. Partners will stay with you. They repay, rather, the same. Don't throw! You said you did. Keep your words! And people will be attracted to you. But anyway do not forget that in business "throw" and "throw" all... the Caution does not prevent never.



Don't waste all the money. If the company brings the amazing revenue - don't get used to it. It might be just some luck, temporary success or just caught a goof. If you have firm, you need clothes better. Entertainment more expensive. The car cooler. You will be engaged in the pursuit of it. In this pursuit you will forget about the business. But if it will make even less - you'd think that life was over. And remember - "it is easier to earn than save.



Not to teach you in the Universities!!! The view is quite different! We impose the opinion that the company is when there is a corporate culture, when everywhere Euro-repair, white walls, new furniture and the coolest equipment! It is not so! Save! Don't need cool equipment! All minimum! Why are offices for employees? Basements, Pentium1, regular students working for pennies. That is the reality of business. Will not cool of the company. All you need to save! All minimum!



You cannot be friends with his employees. Keep your distance. Do not let them get to close. You're in charge. You're the boss, you're the Director. For example, you can not go to "you". In my opinion, it will exalt thee, and the workers will feel greater responsibility.

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