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10 recommendations from Dan Kennedy on planning of time

22 июня 2016, в 04:03

10 recommendations from Dan Kennedy on planning of time:


Equipment No. 1. Phone domestication


You need to be exempted from tyranny of phone. And from dictatorship of the fax. And from the satrap of e-mail. Pick up less often the phone when phone calls, or do not remove at all. Call back in time convenient to you.

To show completely. This equipment needs to be acquired firmly, phone for the majority of us and is the foremost factor distracting from work. If you receive all incoming calls, so constantly you interrupt work on a task of importance known to you for benefit of a question or the person of unknown importance. You give control over the time it is unknown to whom and as a result you are not in time planned.


Equipment No. 2. Minimum of business meetings


In any ways try to reduce time spent at business meetings. If Ache has called on meeting of architects, designers of an interior, shepherds, tamers of lions, navigators, we would have fins. At business meetings ever nothing becomes, and I hate them. You need tactics helping to avoid such waste of time. If you hold meetings, achieve that conversation was short and on case.


Equipment No. 3. Absolute punctuality


Always be where shall, precisely in time, without any exceptions. Own punctuality grants to you the right to expect and demand from others absolute respect for your time. The punctual person automatically gets an advantage before the workers, partners, dealers, clients and so forth. Punctuality – a source of the personal authority.


Equipment No. 4. Creation of lists


There is no time planning system which would not rely on creation of lists of affairs. Everything CAN not be remembered. If you "free nature", probably seems to you that lists squeeze you as pants are one size less. But actually lists release: the more trifles you will write down, the less you should hold in the head. And then your brain is ready to be engaged in really important work.


Equipment No. 5. In total – on service to the purposes


The unique this reason that many people do not become many times more successful in affairs – that they have for this purpose no reasons. The secret of personal efficiency – in search of good reasons to become effective. But what to consider as efficiency? There is my determination: efficiency is a conscious and long-term application of your time, talent, mind, resources and opportunities in such a way which gives measurable approach to your purposes. Ask yourself the question "Whether I Become Closer to the Purpose from What I Do This Minute?" more often the more often you answer "Yes", the your efficiency is higher.

Technique No. 6. Directory of events


You take 90 folders, each thirty is a month: flowing and two following. Also you stuff on them letters, faxes, materials according to that day when you are going to meet these clients and to be engaged in these affairs. Yes, I know that there are many computer programs which do the same and if you want to go on this way – for God's sake. It is more convenient to me so. But whatever you selected option, paper or digital, the directory of events is exclusively useful technique.


Technique No. 7. Vremyabloki


If you imagine all affairs which precisely shall make, then you can disable for them the time in advance. If you don't disable time in advance – the chance is big nothing to be in time. Spread out before yourself a calendar and distribute as much as possible time for mandatory affairs – and you will have only little bit of unorganized, empty days and hours. Locking time for necessary affairs, you won't give to interests of other people again and again to move the major from the first places of the list on the tenth.


Technique No. 8. Minimum of unscheduled activities


Reducing empty time and unscheduled activities, you automatically reduce unjustified expenditure. All not painted yes will spend for something – and most likely "something" will be unnecessary nonsense. Ideally it is necessary to paint each day on half an hour, from beginning to end. Any work is performed quicker and more effectively if in advance to define how many will occupy its execution, and to fix completion time. Besides also unplanned activities are so minimized.


Technique No. 9. Favor of "scraps"


Stuck in cork? Audio recordings will help to turn quickly plug standing into a seminar with involvement of the famous gurus, into communication with the edifying book, into raunchy comedy club or into the Shakespearean festival. And it is possible to learn foreign languages, to develop memory or mathematical abilities – and all this by means of the records listened for that time that is usually wasted. And time in queues, at the airports? Get a player with earphones and always have in case of yourself a notepad, the pen and a subject for "brainstorming session".


Technique No. 10. Far away from herd


With this technique everything is clear. Leave on operation sooner or later, than all remaining. Don't buy in supermarkets on Friday evening. Be not discharged from hotel between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning and don't become populated between 6 and 8 o'clock in the evening because in these hours all are moved and move into absolutely. Organize the life so that to disperse from the main flow: you will preserve a lot of time and nerves.


Fragment from the book "Rigid Time-management" of Dan Kennedy

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