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10 Habits you must get rid of to be happy.

22 июня 2016, в 04:37

10 Habits you must get rid of to be happy. 


1. To worry about everything


There are people who are constantly hysteria, argue, ruin each other's mood, that is always worried for any reason, instead of to sit on the priest exactly and to think carefully about the question. They're worried for different reasons: trying to escape from reality, fear of the unknown, resist change, fear the lack of trust, etc. each person has a reason to doubt, we need to work to keep your mental health and happiness. In order to get rid of anxiety, ask yourself: what can you do with it now, and all as a hand will remove.


2. The constant desire to please other people


We all live in human society, and suffer, actually. We want to do right by our loved ones, but suddenly understand that you become less happy with what they diligently execute the requests of other people. We need to understand that to satisfy all the requests is absolutely impossible, and at some point our loved ones literally subconsciously will think that's easy for you to sit on the neck, and will take advantage of you, not even realizing what they are doing. And it's bad for you. Our advice to you is simple and straightforward: learn to say a firm "no".


3. To delay the execution of any business


The longer we put off until tomorrow what you can do right now without special preparation, the further implementation of our goals. When you feel ready to postpone your project indefinitely, quickly tell yourself "Stop" and again to ponder the project, and better — start already something to do!


4. Living in the past


The past is gone forever, your ex will never come back, to return it makes no sense, and it hurts! You will never be able to drink and not get fat, as at 17, because he ruined his body for this short time. Your mistakes in the past! And return it, no way! Our advice to you: live in the present, remember the past should not be near you, but should only be obtained by experience!


5. Constantly think about what's ahead


Oddly enough, but it is extremely harmful habit. For example, you stand in the shower and think about how you drink a Cup of coffee instead to enjoy the water jets after a hard day! Or think about a vacation, and now you can enjoy the delicious food. When we think about what's ahead instead of enjoying what we have now, we appreciate the moments of life. Besides, when it comes to this "Later", we understand that waiting for too much, and the reality is we are a bit disappointed, so don't look ahead and live now!


6. To judge others


Almost all people regardless of gender at least once in life was gossip. Of course, we did it much more times what we confess, but in polite society don't talk about it!


To judge others, especially by themselves, even if they are stupid, not worth it because nefig to be interested in someone else's life: we own there. If desired, can be easily dissolved in other people's lives, because when the time comes to decide something, we will understand that we do not.


7. Compare your life with someone else


Even if you do worse than your distant relative, and he is happy in marriage and in business, stop comparing your life with it: it is a hindrance. Forget it, and that's it! Well, no luck, then either will be lucky if flapping ears don't, either then he is not lucky. Life is a box of chocolates: someone always gets a delicious sweet, some ugly weird filler.


8. Shame


Of course, shame is the feeling that can say that makes us human. But sometimes guilt, once tightened, don't you think? If you're not a masochist, stop trying to force myself to experience shame! Shame prevents you to recover from the trauma, he's worse than insult to injury! Everyone has something he regrets, try to get this off my chest! An experiment: try as much as possible not to mention a particular offense. When the offense comes to mind, mentally give yourself a slap in the face. Should help!


9. Disorganization and laziness


Often we complain that we have no way to do something, because they do not have enough time for anything. But most often the problem is that because of our laziness, we have no way to organize themselves. We are on the right side, on the left, look Vkontakte at work, and then wonder how it is we all do not have time! Self — discipline is exactly what will help you live a productive quality life. In order to develop this feeling, always wash the dishes after a meal. And a mug! You think I say nonsense? But in fact such a trifle scary organizes you!


10. Permanent employment


Often we confuse two such different concepts as "employment" and "productivity". In fact, it is two completely different concepts. Lead a stupid life example: employment opportunities — visits to the gym, performance is when you're there doing something and not trying to hit on the women, occasionally dragging the bar.


Some people are constantly busy with something that they cannot somewhere to get, because they are constantly busy. Instead of trying to put things in one sequence and perform them as you perform the exercises in the gym.

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